Burlap Is the Key to This Alternative DIY Christmas Tree

This tabletop Christmas tree is made from pieces of rustic burlap but manages to have an elegant and delicate look to it. When combined with seasonal greens and reds, you’ve got a wonderful holiday centerpiece that really stands out.

It’s simple and inexpensive and lots of fun to build. So make yourself a hot chocolate, get out the burlap, and get crafty.

  • Burlap or burlap ribbon (regular or with red stripes)
  • Chicken wire in a cone shape
  • Scissors

1. Start with a cone made from chicken wire (a square of chicken wire rolled into a cone, pinched together). Shape it with your fingers, scrunching and pulling it into the shape you want.

2. Cut 4-inch squares of burlap.

3. Starting at the top, poke the first piece of burlap through the top hole.  Shape it into a point.

4. Continue poking the squares through the holes as you make your way down the cone.

5. On the bottom row, let the squares trail outward like slippers to give the tree a pretty finish.

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