Family Creates Jaw-Dropping 11-Minute Dubstep Christmas Light Show (and it Benefits Charity!)

This family’s 7,827 light display, set to an 11-minute dubstep soundtrack, blows pretty much every other lit up home outta the neighborhood.

Matt and Melissa Johnson of San Antonio, Texas have been decorating their home with intense light shows since 2013, but 2015′s is their biggest display yet. The project started as pure entertainment for their two kids, but this year the couple is taking it even further by fundraising for Living Water International.

Holiday light enthusiasts Matt and Melissa Johnson and their children. (Photo: Johnson Light Show)

The family hopes that anyone who enjoys the light show will donate to their fundraising project and help them build a well for a village in Africa.

Matt Johnson said that his wife came up with the idea of using the display to raise awareness. “The past several months, all she talks about is clean water and how many kids are dying from a lack of clean water. She’s already been wanting to do this and we’re just extending it to the light show.” he told KENS.

The Johnson’s hope to raise $10,000 during the Christmas season. You can donate to their Clean Water Challenge here. 

The light show runs daily from 6pm-10pm. (Photo: YouTube)

Enjoy the show! Watch the whole 11-minute display here.

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