Thing Eggnog Is Weird? Check Out These Holiday Drinks From Around the World

Eggnog and punch are ubiquitous at holiday parties in America, but have you ever tried glühwein? Or sujeonggwa? Both are surprisingly just as seasonal.

BuzzFeed serves up holiday drinks from around the world to young Americans and films their reaction to the foreign beverages in this video. One spoiler: there’s a lot of cinnamon in these drinks.

The taste testers tried Sorrel Punch, a hibiscus red wine and rum punch popular in the Caribbean; Ginger Beer which is common around Kwanzaa; and the sujeonggwa, a punch made with persimmon, ginger, nuts, cinnamon and spices is a go-to beverage in Korea. The reaction to , a mulled wine popular in Europe, was the most spirited.

“People celebrate the holidays in totally different ways, and they’re all delicious,” said one young participant.

Watch the video and learn more about these around-the-world beverages, and add one or two at your December gatherings for a little international holiday cheer.


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