This Quick and Easy Advent Calendar’s Got Christmas in the Bag

Even though most of us don’t have as much time as we’d like to spend on Christmas decor and traditions, we don’t have to sacrifice a few cherished rituals.  

This advent calendar is the easiest, quickest design out there and still manages to be fun and stylish.

We juxtapose clean white paper bags with natural birch wood numbers, and the result is a blend that’s fresh and crisp.  

  • 25 white paper bags
  • Birch wood numbers, 1 to 25
  • White masking tape
  • 25 treats of your choice
  • Glue pen

1. Organize your numbers, 1 to 25.

2. Starting with “1,” draw a line of glue on the back of the wooden number and stick it to the lower right-hand corner of the first bag.

3. Repeat with each number on a bag, through the number 25.

4. Using the white masking tape, discreetly tape the bags close together in an asymmetrical fashion on one wall.

5. Put a treat into each bag.

6. Starting on Dec. 1, begin collecting your treat on each day of the month, all the way through Christmas.

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