Texas Artist Sews the Most Amazing Fake Food (That’s Right. She Sews It.)

The phrase “looks good enough to eat” never felt so true as it does with artist Huong Huynh’s work.

These realistic food items will make your mouth water, but they are actually made of felt — a fun display much more delightful than boring old wax fruit. Huynh goes by the shop name Milkfly on Etsy, where her pieces are flying off the shelf. Her shop is currently closed because of an overflow of holiday orders!

The Texas-based artist studied painting at the University of Houston but switched media after being inspired by food photography.

“I saw a book on felt desserts nearly 10 years ago and was immediately fascinated — it evoked the giddy, joyous excitement of my childhood,” Huynh writes on Etsy.

As she experimented with felt, Huynh realized she could take painting techniques she learned in school and apply them to sewing and sculpting.

“I initially started making pretend food because I wanted to relive the playfulness of my childhood,” Huynh says. “But the happiness that someone else gets from my work has been a heartwarming surprise.”

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