Katie Brown Shows You How to Host a Thanksgiving Inspired by Mother Nature Herself with These 10 Holiday Crafts

For more information and great video content on these nature-inspired Holiday crafts, click the individual DIY titles!

Why not create a luxurious feel with a little faux fur? For about $20-a-yard, you can drape that random assortment of folding, office and dining chairs in soft, fluffy fur, and create a stunning, pulled-together look.

  • Faux Fur (60” wide)
  • Suede Cording
  • Scissors

1. Cut the faux fur to the width of your chair, plus  8-12”

2. Lay it on top of the chair to cover it, and give it a natural, bunched-up look.

3. Using the suede cording, secure the fur in a zig zag fashion, looping the cording up and around.  Tie off the cording, leaving long tails as decorative accents. 

This DIY menu is made from a simple wood cross section and a generous slathering of chalkboard paint. Bon appetit! 

  • Cross section of Wood
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Decorative Hinge
  • Wood Stick about 1” diameter, 5-6” long
  • Chalk
  • Hammer
  • 3” Wide Paint Scraper
  • Glue Gun
  • Sanding Block

1. Spread the chalk paint on to the wood slice with a paint scraper – try to make it smooth, being careful to leave a blank border, and let it dry.

2. When it’s dry, sand down the paint, if any ridges are too thick to write on easily.

3. Attach a decorative hinge to the wood stick by hammering its nails directly into the stick – this will serve as the ‘kickstand’.

4. Then, attach the hinge with the kickstand to the back side of the wood slice with a drop of hot glue and nails.

5. Write your menu on the chalkboard.

Lots of leftover wine corks? Put them to good use this Thanksgiving, by turning them into place cards. They’re rustic and playful, and with a little fall leaf and a feather or two, they’re just so pretty to look at.

  • Wine corks
  • Feathers
  • Dark leaves
  • Gold pen
  • Pennies or nickels
  • Awl
  • Hot glue

1. Hot glue a penny or nickel to the bottom of the cork, for weight.

2. Use an awl to poke a hole in the top of the cork and insert the quill of the feather.

3. Add another contrasting feather in the same hole.

4. Write the name of your guest on a leaf, in gold pen.

5. Use the awl to poke another hole for the leaf with the name, and insert the leaf.

Hint: Insert the leaf a a slightly horizontal angle, so the name can be read more easily.

Pull from the beauty that surrounds us at this time of year, and bring the outdoors to your Thanksgiving table

  • Fall leaves, slightly dried, but not crunchy
  • Glass Votives with Flameless LED Candles
  • Cardboard Rounds
  • Hot Glue Gun

1. Begin hot gluing leaves around the outside edge of the cardboard round, stem side towards the middle, with half of the leaf hanging off the edge of the cardboard.

2. Continue with this pattern until arriving to the middle of cardboard. Leaves should all be ‘curling upward’ in the same direction.

3. Hot glue leaves to the outside of your glass votive, until covered.

4. Place in, and hot glue to, the center of the cardboard and leaf base.

This Thanksgiving, create a forest fairytale with a moss-lined table runner. With little more than a piece of jute or burlap and a big bowl of dried and fresh moss, you can create a lush tablescape that marries the beauty of the outdoors with the inviting warmth of your home.

  • Fresh and dried moss
  • Jute or burlap runner
  • Spray glue
  • Scissors

1. Lay out your jute on the table to be covered, then measure and cut it.

2. Place the jute cloth on a covered work surface.

3. Starting on the outer edges in the middle and working around the perimeter, spray some glue on the jute and press the moss to the glue. Try to make as much contact with the jute as possible.

4. Continue until the jute is mostly covered, leaving the center clear for more decorations.

This Thanksgiving, deck the halls with velvet pumpkins, instead of the real ones. Beautiful and simple to make, these little gems will grace your table year after year. 

  • Beans, rice, or marbles
  • Velvet
  • Copper wire, 18-gauge
  • Pumpkin stems
  • Wire snips
  • Hot glue

1. Cut a circle from your velvet.

2. Cut a piece of copper wire at an angle, so that it is sharp. Stitch a running stitch around the velvet circle, 2 inches from the edge, using the wire as a needle and thread.

3. Fill the center of the fabric with beans, or weights of your choice, leaving enough room so that it is not too tight when you gather the edges of the cloth.

4. Cinch up the copper wire tightly, so it makes a floppy velvet sack. Arrange the folds to look like a pumpkin.

5. Pull the copper wire as tightly as you can and wrap the excess around and around the top, to form a stem for your pumpkin.

6. Save about 2 inches of wire on the ends to bend into curly vines.

7. Hot-glue the real pumpkin stem into the center of the gathered fabric. 

Give your guests the opportunity to express their gratitude at the dinner table with this simple gratitude tree. It’s a lovely way to focus on what the holiday is all about.

  • Branches (delicate-looking but strong enough to stand on their own, with at least three tips)
  • Air-dry clay
  • Brown paper bags
  • Pencils
  • Thin wire
  • Utility knife
  • Hole punch
  • Wire snips

1. Make a fist-sized ball of clay and smash it down to flatten the bottom. Push in the base of the tree branch, like a tree, and push the clay up tightly around it to secure.

2. Repeat, so you have several trees for the center of the table.

3. Cut a paper bag into strips the width of a leaf. Wrinkle the bag and rough it up between your hands.

4. Cut out leaf shapes and punch a hole at the top of each leaf with a hole punch.

5. Cut 2- to 3-inch pieces of wire, twirl the ends like vines, and hook them through the leaf holes for hanging on the tree later.

6. Use a utility knife to scrape off the paint and ridges on the pencils — the effect is a raw, natural piece of wood that is also a pencil.

7. Repeat for each place setting.

8. Place the trees down the center of the table and add a couple of leaves and a pencil to each plate setting.

We created napkin rings from decorative floral twine, which we think complements the look beautifully. 

  • Vintage Scarves
  • Silverware
  • Wine-like Floral Twine
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pencil

1. Wrap your silverware tightly in a roll shape with the scarf.

2. Cut a piece of floral twine, so that it is long enough to wrap around your napkin roll a few times.

3. Curl the ends of your twine around a pencil to create little curly-q’s.

4. Wrap your curly-q’d twine around the napkin rolls.

How about taking a simple cake stand and turning it into a beautiful bird’s nest, perfect for serving rolls, breads, or whatever other yummy treats you see fit. All you need is some grape vine, a few feathers and a little bird to top it with.

  • Cake Stand
  • Grape Wine
  • Feathers
  • Decorative Bird

1. Wrap the grape wine around the top of your cake stand to form the nest. It should wrap snugly and hold in place without any need for glue. If for some reason you have trouble getting it to do so, add a dab or two of hot glue.

2. Add a few feathers in between the twigs of the nest.

3. Clip on a bird to the nest.

Like something out of a Nordic village, this moss-covered wreath boasts a tiny home tucked deep within the forest, and a little candle that lights up the darker fall and winter nights.

  • Round Straw Wreath
  • Moss
  • Twigs
  • Decorative Trees
  • Hollow House Ornament
  • LED Tea Light
  • Ribbon
  • Spray Adhesive

1. Spray the wreath with spray adhesive and add moss, covering it entirely.

2. Poke in a couple of bare twigs to serve as bare “trees” at the bottom of the wreath. Poke in  a couple of decorative trees.

3. Place the LED light in the house and add the house to the forrest setting.

4. Loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath and hang your wreath on your front door.

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