‘Piecaken’ is the Official Dessert of Thanksgiving

This year, you can have your cake—and your pie—and eat it, too. That is, if a “piecaken” graces your Thanksgiving dessert spread.

So what IS a piecaken? Simply put, it’s a pie stuffed within a cake, the latest mash-up of in a long line of gluttonous frankenfoods out there that, for the holidays at least seem to trace their origins back to the notorious “turducken” (which, in case you’ve forgotten, is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey).

Piecaken variations are endless. Think cheesecake + pumpkin pie, raspberry pie + dark chocolate cake, or even a savory version, like chicken pot pie + cornbread “cake”. We’ve rounded up a few that are perfect for Thanksgiving, including a recipe for the the viral piecakenfrom NYC’s fabrick, made famous by a segment on LIVE with Kelly and Michael earlier this week. 

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BTW, long-time foodies will recall that early versions of piecakens have been around since 2007, but this is the year that they’ve really exploded. So take your pick of our favorites, or DIY up your own combo! 

Keep in mind that these impressive creations aren’t necessarily quickies — the aforementioned fabrick piecaken will keep you in the kitchen for 5+ hours — but for the oohs and ahhs of your guests, a piecaken just might be worth it.

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