No More Fighting Over the Thanksgiving Bread Basket

It’s a time old tradition to share bread with people we care about.  Next time at your dinner party, why not give your guests their own parcel of bread… And “Break Bread” 


  • Butcher paper or parchment paper
  • Small loaf or chunk of bread
  • Cooking twine


  • Marker


  1. Write the words BREAK BREAD- with a bit of space between the words- on the paper
  2. Turn the paper over
  3. Position the bread over the words, and fold the sides in, roll up the rest, leaving the words apparent
  4. Tie the twine around the bread – one on each end
  5. Cut the bread almost in half between the words BREAK  and BREAD
  6. Spread the bread  loaf open, enjoy the delicious aroma

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