How to Throw a Thanksgiving Feast That Your Dog Will Love

Thanksgiving is all about family, and as any dog-owner knows, pups are as much — if not more — a member of the clan as the host of relatives you welcome into your home a couple times a year. And yet, our four-legged friends are so often left out of the holiday dinner equation. While we’re blissfully sipping away on cider and digging into fat slices of pumpkin pie, our pooches are often left sadly chewing their same ol’ everyday kibble. 

This year, make everyone’s favorite food-centric holiday as special for your canine as it is for you, your brother, and your great aunt Ruth. With the help of these festive pet-friendly foods, your dog will have the Thanksgiving feast they never knew they needed. 

How to Make Your Own Dog Treats

Christina Tosi’s Pumpkin Dog Biscuit Recipe 

Canine-Friendly Ice Creams

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