Lumoid Lets You Try Tech Gear Before You Buy (Deal of the Day)

That guy at work raves about his headphones; do you rave about yours? When you flash your smartwatch, everyone at the bar rolls up his or her sleeve to unveil something cooler. Are you feeling buyers remorse about your tech purchases? Wouldn’t it be great if you could try everything before you buy?

With Lumoid, you can: The service lets you try out smartwatches and fitness trackers before you buy them. Take any five of your choosing out for a two-week spin. If you buy one (or two) from Lumoid, the loaners are free. If you don’t, Lumoid considers the loan a rental, and you pay $30. You can also rent camera equipment and drones, in case your life suddenly calls for expensive equipment without providing the necessary financials.

And this week the site launches Lumoid Listen, so now you can rent-to-buy three kinds of listening gear: Home Audio (in-home speaker systems, with various levels of rental pricing); Portable Audio (wireless speakers, of which you can try three for two weeks for $30); and Personal Audio (pick three headphones for a flat rental fee ranging from $25 to $60 for two weeks; some of the rental fee goes toward your purchase).

And, naturally, I got you a deal. Pick out whatever tech you want to try out and use the code at checkout: That’ll get you 20 percent off. The code will work through the end of the year.

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