How to Get a Flavorful Turkey Without Cooking Stuffing Inside the Bird


Stuffing is a crowd-pleasing side dish during Thanksgiving, but to stuff or not to stuff a turkey is a divisive topic. Cooking stuffing inside the bird is tricky — to bring the stuffing to the proper temperature, you run the risk of overcooking your bird. If you undercook your stuffing, which has been soaking in turkey juices from inside the bird as it cooks, the risk of salmonella increases.

What to do? We at Yahoo Food suggest you skip the bird-in stuffing — that’s better prepared outside the bird. And instead, stuff your bird with fragrant fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make sure your bird is still full of flavor.

This “Tipline” video offers three different combinations to try.

Everything from pears, lemons, sage, garlic, oranges, apples and other veggies and herbs can be combined and used as stuffing for your bird. Simply stuff slices or sprigs of each into the bird and cook your turkey as usual. No need to remove them after the turkey’s done. Just get carving!


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