5 Creative Ways to Put Those Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use

The Thanksgiving meal is an epic one! From Turkey to the multitude of pies, there’s a lot on the table, and much of what’s displayed ends up being retitled as a leftover

This Thanksgiving, make the most of those leftovers, and find a few creative ways to put them to good use. 

You know when there’s just a little bit of wine left in a bottle? Not enough for a glass, but just a little too much to throw away? Save those dregs and put them to use!

  • Red wine
  • Onions
  • Brown sugar
  • Tools:
  • Sauce pan
  • Ice cube tray
  • Freezer

1. Pour the left over wine into ice cube trays, and freeze for making sauces (or sangria!) later.

1. Add chopped onions and spices of your choice to leftover red wine in a sauce pan over low heat, reduce.  Store in fridge for later to reheat and serve with cooked meats.

1. Add brown sugar to red wine in a saucepan over low heat, reduce.  Store in frog for later to reheat and serve with ice cream or pie.

Want to send your guests home with a little something? A favor is great, but wouldn’t it be better to send them home with something they’ll really enjoy? We suggest making a pot pie on the fly.

  • Pie Tin
  • Pie Dough
  • Leftover from a Turkey dinner
  • Bechamel Sauce

1. Pre prepare the pie tin with the bottom layer of pie dough and a dollop of béchamel sauce. Keep refrigerated until just before guests begin to leave.

2. When it’s time, fill the pie tin with scraps from the Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Cover the pie with a top layer of pie dough, crimp around the edges.

4. Wrap the whole pie loosely in foil to take home.

We’re all about a gift in a mason jar! At Thanksgiving, load one up and enjoy a turkey dinner, again and again. 

  • Large Mason Jar
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Ribbon
  • Metal Stamping Kit

1. Beginning with the mashed potato, layer the leftovers by individual dishes.  (Start with the mashed potato, then the turkey, then cranberry…. on and on.)  This should create a beautiful layer of colors.

2. Stamp, using the metal stamping kit, a sweet message on the lid.  (i.e. “DIG IN”)

3. Make sure the ingredients are cooled off before securing the lid on tightly.

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