Forget Sriracha, You’ll Want These 6 Hot Sauces on Everything

Clockwise, from top left: No. 7 Sub Hot Sauce, Adoboloco Pineapple Hot Sauce, Pirate’s Lantern Pepper Sauce, Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp Sauce, Harissa Entube and Baby Clydesdale Sriracha.

By Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite

No. 7 chef Tyler Kord’s excellent new condiment is really a gastrique of caramel and Chinese black vinegar infused with garlic and habanero chiles, and it’s like nothing else on the hot-sauce market. $9 at

Handmade, small-batch, slightly chunky no-preservatives sriracha from San Diego for health-minded chile heads. $12 at Heatonist, 121 Wythe Ave., nr.
N. 9th St., Williamsburg; 718-599-0838.

It’s harissa. It comes in a tube. Squeeze it over your eggs and couscous. You’ll never mistake it for toothpaste. $9 at R&D; Foods, 602 Vanderbilt Ave., nr. St. Marks Ave., Prospect Heights; 347-915-1196.

China’s most popular hot sauce is made with peanuts, and it’s good in or on everything, especially noodle soups and dumplings. The name means “Old Godmother,” in case you were wondering. $8 on

There’s mustard, horseradish, and Scotch Bonnet peppers in this delicious Barbados-style pepper sauce made in — where else? — Brooklyn. But rum might be the key ingredient. $9.95 on

Remarkably fresh-tasting hot sauce from Hawaii made of just five
ingredients: habaneros, garlic, apple-cider vinegar, sea salt, and pineapple. Perfect with anything porky.

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