The Key to Better Sex Life? It’s How You Do Household Chores

We may be constantly bombarded with ads for pricey products and pills claiming to enhance our sex lives, but scientists suggest that a variety of simple little household tasks and routines can be effective in unlocking better and more frequent sex for you and your partner. 

That’s right: You can DIY spending more time between the sheets by paying attention to how those sheets are cleaned, folded, and put away. 

Click through the slideshow above for some easy ideas, or get the gist of the idea below:

A study of 1,338 heterosexual German couples revealed that when a man felt he was making fair contributions to household chores, the couple had more sex and each partner reported more sexual satisfaction. 

The study’s authors have a theory why dusting and lusting might be linked. 

“A division of household labor perceived to be fair ensures that partners feel respected while carrying out the tasks of daily life. … Completing housework may or may not be enjoyable, but knowing that a partner is pulling his weight prevents anger and bitterness, creating more fertile ground in which a (satisfying) sexual encounter may occur,” says study author Matt Johnson, a professor in the human ecology department at the University of Alberta.

These findings corroborate evidence from a 2014 study published in Sex Roles Magazine (no jokes please, they’ve heard them all). Researchers looked at 220 newlywed American couples and not only found similar results, but also suggested that discussing, setting, and meeting goals for sharing household chores are key elements in maintaining a happy marriage.

A study of more than 2,000 Brits done by entertainment brand Mecca revealed that on the list of “top 10 turn-ons” for women and men, clean bed sheets came in second place for both (after “losing weight” and “a night out with the boys”, respectively).

The jury’s out on exactly why this is true. Humans shed about 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per hour, and exude lots of bacteria and mite-friendly oils, so clean sheets may be linked to peace of mind. Studies done by the National Sleep Foundation also show that clean sheets encourage earlier bedtimes and better sleep — both of which are conducive to making more time for a sexual encounter.

In the same study done by Mecca, taking a “hot bath” also ranked high on the list of “Top 10 Turn-Ons” for women and men (numbers 5 and 3 respectively). There’s no definitive study that explains this phenomenon, but hot baths are known to reduce stress, relieve physical discomfort, and improve sleep, which — as mentioned before — equals improved sex opportunities. Also, as Irvine, Calif.-based sex therapist Stephanie Buehler reminds us, at any age, seeing skin is sexy. As Makers, there are lots of ways to DIY a bath time ritual that is both soothing and invigorating. It’s nice to know there are other benefits as well.

We know you were looking for an excuse to DIY those fall-flavored popcorns you saw on Pinterest. How about this one: A movie night that could decrease your chances of divorce? 

Researchers from University of Rochester and UCLA studied 174 couples for the first three years of their marriages to test the effects of different types of relationship counseling on marital success. 

One group was instructed to watch romantic movies together and discuss how the themes in the films related to their relationship. The rate of separation in this group was the same as the group who attended couple’s counseling and received specific tools and tactics from qualified therapists. The rate of separation for both these groups (around 13.3%) was almost half that of the group that didn’t explore either option (24.4%). 

It’s the holiday season, and the scent of cinnamon and spice may already be wafting through your home. Well, according Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the smell of cinnamon buns is a natural aphrodisiac for men. Added to this list? Pumpkin pie and vanilla. This could make for a delicious and exciting holiday season. 

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