Meet Our Guest ‘Grammer of the Week: @Bibiography

Each week we’re teaming up with a popular food-stagrammer who will take over our Instagram feed and fill it with their own delicious pics. This weekend on #TastyTakeovers, Bangkok food and prop stylist Bibi Tanya, also known as @bibiography, is our guest. Learn her secrets for taking delicious photos in the Q&A below and head over to @YahooFood on Instagram to watch her foodie adventures unfold all weekend long.

Bangkok food and prop stylist Bibi Tanya. (Photo: Bibi Tanya)

Bibi Tanya/@bibiography

I’m a freelance food and prop stylist based in Bangkok, Thailand. I went to school for interior architecture and switched careers to graphic design and then finally ended up as a food stylist. 

I always loved food when I was young, I would always be helping my mom cook in the kitchen. She cooks the best comfort food ever! When I began working as a graphic designer at a magazine, I got a chance to photograph food for restaurant review columns. I think that’s the point where I combined my passion for food and photography. After that, I went to New York for a food styling internship with The Jewels Of New York for three months. I got a lot of inspiration there.

Vegan chia blueberry muffins. (Photo: Bibi Tanya)

I mostly use my iPhone6 with a little bit touched up by VSCO. Sometimes I just only use the basic filter on Instagram to brighten or sharpen photos. Almost all of them are taken under natural light, that always helps food look more delicious.

Thai food is really vibrant and has a lot of variety in flavors. There are plenty of local products from colorful tropical fruits and vegetables to local herbs and spices. You can also find food anywhere and anytime in Bangkok. We have street food everywhere and many of the restaurants open late. If you’re a big foodie, you will love Bangkok.

On set styling a Thai dish called som-tum for the Bangkok Post. (Photo: Bibi Tanya) 

Diana Yen from @jewelsofny, I used to work with her and I really like the way she creates food. Her perspective with food is not only about taste, but also about their shapes, colors, and textures. I also like Beth Kirby @local_milk and all her dark, natural tones in her photos. The art direction, props, food, and everything in her feed are cohesive and beautiful. Moreover, Marta Greber @whatforbreakfast is really great too. Everything she cooks look so delicious and I sometimes get a lot of breakfast inspiration from her as well.

It’s very easy to use and understand. We can also connect with anyone in the world that are sharing the same passion and lifestyle. It’s always a great inspiration too.

I have an upcoming project in the end of this year. It’s a barbecue restaurant we are opening called Meat & Bones and at the moment we are testing our menu. The best dish is the beef ribs that have been roasted for nine hours. It’s really awesome.

Meat and Bones is a barbecue restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand that serves slow cooked beef ribs. (Photo: Bibi Tanya)

Such a difficult question! Maybe one of my favorite singers from the past, like Ella Fitzgerald. I’d want her to try my beef ribs and maybe I’ll have a chance to hear her sing at the dinner party, too.

Recently, I’ve been creating beautiful big brunch spreads using the leftover stuff from the kitchen. The dishes are always with eggs, toast, vegetables, and fruits.

Brunch spread of mushroom tarts, tomatoes, and fresh berries. (Photo: Bibi Tanya)

I would have to be my mom’s vegetable stew. I bet I could eat it for a whole week straight. It’s a very healthy combination of vegetables, cabbage, onions, carrots and sometimes she simmers spare ribs or bone marrow in it for hours.

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Photographer and Stylist Kari Young behind @Meatballssmama

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