How to Turn a $10 Drop Cloth Into a Fancy Tablecloth Perfect for Thanksgiving

One of favorite materials in the workshop is a drop cloth – it’s a blank canvas that can be used for everything from protecting your floor when embarking on a paint project, to DIY’ing a chic and simple tablecloth and napkins. 

A drop cloth tablecloth is rustic, but refined enough for Holiday guests, and we think it’s an absolute must on your Thanksgiving table. 

  • Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Cloth
  • Letter Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Lace or Ribbon
  • Awl
  • Scissors
  • Chopstick
  • Iron – if necessary
  • Measuring Stick

1. Cut the drop cloth to cover the table top, with a 1” overhang – iron if necessary.

2. From the remainder of the cloth, tear strips of canvas in various widths, pulling the excess threads off and smoothing as you go.  

3. Cut these strips to measure the length from the table edge to the floor and set aside.

4. Poke a hole with an awl 1” from the edge of the cloth.

5. Pass the chopstick through the hole to widen it.

6. From the underside of the tablecloth, pass a corner of the canvas strip through the hole, going about 1” through (use chopstick to help push it through), and fluff open the bit of canvas through to the topside.

7. Cut 12” x 12” squares from the remainder of cloth.

8. Pull the threads on all four sides to fray the edges.

9. Fold in them in half, and letter stamp the front side of the napkins.  Press lightly, and irregularly, to give them a washed out, vintage look.

10. Cut a length of lace ribbon and tie the napkins together to make a set.

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