DIY a Velvet Pumpkin for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape and Use It for Years to Come

Every year thousands and thousands of pumpkins find themselves on doorsteps, mantelpieces and tablescapes, and every year thousands and thousands of pumpkins end up in the trash soon after. 

We adore a big, beautiful orange pumpkin, but there is something to be said for decor with a little more longevity. 

This Thanksgiving, deck the halls with velvet pumpkins, instead of the real ones. Beautiful and simple to make, these little gems will grace your table year after year. 

  • Beans, rice, or marbles 
  • Velvet
  • Copper Wire – 18 gauge
  • Pumpkin Stems
  • Wire Snips
  • Hot Glue

1. Cut a circle from your velvet.

2. Cut a piece of copper wire at an angle, so that it is sharp. Stitch a running stitch around the velvet circle, 2 inches from the edge, using the wire as a ‘needle and thread’.

3. Fill the center of the fabric with beans, or weights of your choice, leaving enough room so that it is not too tight when you gather the edges of the cloth.

4. Cinch up the copper wire tightly, so it makes a floppy velvet sack. Arrange the folds to look like a pumpkin.

5. Pull the copper wire as tightly as you can and wrap the excess around and around the top, to form a ‘stem’ for your pumpkin.

6. Save about 2 inches of wire on the ends to bend into curly vines.

7. Hot glue the real pumpkin stem into the center of the gathered fabric. 

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