What’s In My Gym Bag: Caroline Gogolak & Katie Warner Johnson, Co-Founders of Carbon38

We’re taking a peek inside our favorite health and fitness experts’ gym bags to uncover their must-have gear and favorite products.

Caroline Gogolak, president and co-founder of Carbon38

Tracy Anderson — the class changes every day, but I go between the high-intensity dance cardio classes and definition classes that are great for muscle toning.

Anything I buy these days is always on Carbon38!

  1. I love my ; it’s deceptively large and can carry anything I need from the office to my workout. And, it doesn’t look like a gym bag! 
  2. It’s getting chilly in NYC, so I make sure to bring my . They’re perfect for when I’m wearing capris and walk home post-class.   
  3. I’m always conscious to stay hydrated during class. The room at Tracy Anderson is heated, so I make sure to bring a bottle with me. S’well just came out with a new collection, I just had to buy ; animal prints are so in!
  4. It’s super important to stay hydrated and I need energy post-class. I’m in love with . Pink Lady Apple is my favorite flavor. 
  5. I love the .  You can show off your sports bra, which I love to match back to my leggings.
  6. are all the craze, but I love the more sophisticated prints — nothing too loud and crazy.  We did an exclusive with Zara Terez.
  7. For a post-workout snack, you can’t go wrong with a . 100 percent natural and packed with protein.
  8. are definitely a must for pre/post-workout.  I never go to the gym with makeup. 

Katie Warner Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Carbon38

I live in LA, so the beach is my gym — I am always running or hiking on the weekends. Luckily for me, we have a top-notch group of ambassadors (they are all models for our product!) who teach unbelievable classes that I pop into when not chained to my desk during the week. Favorites include Aree Khodai’s class at Aura Yoga, Lacey Stone’s at Fly Wheel, Erica Hood’s at Body By Simone, and Mary Miller’s at Studio (MDR).

I don’t know if you could call it a workout, but I love a solid 20-minute meditation session. Feels like a workout for my brain and soul.

The night before, I lay out my outfit because there is no better motivator than cute leggings and a flattering sports bra. Alarm sounds at 5:30. I meditate for 20 minutes, slurp down a cup of tea, throw on my spandex get-up, and either head out for a run, a class at the aforementioned studios, or a sweat session with my brutal trainer, Josh.

  1. : I love these shoes! They are chic and comfortable. I can wear them while lifting weights or throw them on when my heels become too much at work.
  2. :This stuff is unreal. I started using it about a month ago and now I can’t stop. It’s tingly and moisturizing and smells like Christmas, AND it claims to reduce cellulite. I think it does because my derriere has never felt firmer. Could be the squats or could be Mio!
  3. : It’s PINK! Who doesn’t love pink? So this bottle is magic — my water stays cold for the ENTIRE workday. No joke. I pack wine in this thing and take it to the beach and it is like ice after three hours in the sun. Magic, I tell you.
  4. : This screamed “CALIFORNIA!” when I saw it in the shop so I just had to have it.
  5. : Every girl needs a sexy bralette, one she can wear to yoga or slip on when she’s ready to let loose. This one lives in my gym bag for anything and everything that comes my way.
  6. These are the sweatpants to end all sweatpants. These aren’t just your average lounge pant. I have worn these to Pilates, on a plane, running errands, and even with heels and a leather jacket to a cocktail party.
  7. : Sometimes I’m running from a Pilates class straight into a meeting, so touching up with my favorite shade is a fast way to feel put together.
  8. : Living in LA, sunglasses are a must-have year-round.
  9. After a workout, it’s super important to get protein to rebuild muscle. I love this vegan protein from Beaming. It packs in 12 grams of protein and tastes delicious.
  10. : I drink more tea than the Queen of England. This honey satisfies my sweet tooth while I maintain my tea habit without the guilt.

This story is part of , a Yahoo Health series taking a look at the cool gear and products in our favorite health and fitness experts’ workout bags. Show us what’s in YOUR gym bag by snapping a photo, posting it on Instagram, and tagging #YHGymBag.

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