How to Turn a Simple Cake Stand into a Bird’s Nest Serving Dish Perfect for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving table is a blank canvas and every family chooses to paint it differently. We are all for putting as much effort into its decor, as we put into the food that graces it.

How about taking a simple cake stand and turning it into a beautiful bird’s nest, perfect for serving rolls, breads, or whatever other yummy treats you see fit. All you need is some grape vine, a few feathers and a little bird to top it with.

  • Cake Stand
  • Grape Wine 
  • Feathers 
  • Decorative Bird

1. Wrap the grape wine around the top of your cake stand to form the nest. It should wrap snugly and hold in place without any need for glue. If for some reason you have trouble getting it to do so, add a dab or two of hot glue.

2. Add a few feathers in between the twigs of the nest.

3. Clip on a bird to the nest. 

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