Cake of the Day: Sugar Laced Black Velvet Cake

Every day, Yahoo Food features delectable cakes. They taste good, they look good, and they’re made by good people — talented bakers from around the world. Today, Samantha Bolton of the blog North Dixie Kitchen shares a stunning black velvet cake that was inspired by the scary tale of The Green Ribbon. Tune in this week as we countdown the days to Halloween with the most mouth-watering, ghoulish cakes around!

A sugar laced black velvet cake inspired by the old scary tale of The Green Ribbon. (Photo: Samantha Bolton)

Today’s cake is a dark and devilish twist on the classic red velvet cake. Instead of bright red, each slice reveals black delicious layers enveloped in a dark cream cheese frosting. The spooky confection comes from our very own Yahoo Food photo editor Samantha Bolton, who runs the baking blog North Dixie Kitchen where she shares lovely baked desserts and meals from her tiny New York kitchen. Because Samantha’s birthday is so close to Halloween, she always does it up big. Which brings us to this stunning black-laced cake. The cake is inspired by her favorite childhood book, A Dark, Dark Room, and its scary tale about a girl named Jenny and the green ribbon she always wore around her neck.

“Jenny gets old and eventually she brings her husband to her bedside and sweetly says, ‘Baby, I’m going to tell you the story behind my green ribbon.’” Bolton explains. “Jenny doesn’t say one more word. She unties the ribbon, and as the ribbon falls from her neck, her head falls off, too!”

Covering all five layers of the cake is dark-colored fondant and black lace made of sugar. And just like poor Jenny, there’s a bright green fondant bow wrapped around the top. With all the layering textures and shades of black, this cake is an absolute spooky and sexy treat for Halloween. Bolton admits, “OK, this is not a quick recipe but beauty is hardship… you’ve got a beautiful spooky cake, with a nice morbid story to tell all your friends.” To learn more about the tale of the green ribbon and the recipe for your own black velvet, check out North of Dixie!

(Photo: Samantha Bolton)

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