This Cake Hack Proves Nothing is Better Than Sliced Bread

I am a BIG fan of leftovers. Whether it’s half of a giant meal ordered at a restaurant, or a home cooked dish that made extra servings, there are always some sort of leftovers waiting in my refrigerator.

It might sound weird but some foods, like casseroles and pastas even taste better the next day than they did when they were fresh out of the oven! And the great thing about leftovers is that you can use bits and pieces of meals and make them into something totally different like one woman did when she turned her holiday leftovers into unique and deliciously flavorful ice creams!

The one thing that doesn’t taste as good or better the second day though happens to be one of my favorite foods: CAKE!

You can spends hours baking and frosting your cakes to perfection, but regardless of if you wrap it up and leave it on the counter or try to keep it fresh by sticking it in the fridge, the next day you wind up with a crumbly, dry, stale mess.

This food-hack changes all that and will make it so you can enjoy every last bite!

By taking two pieces of white bread and securing them with toothpicks to the exposed pieces of cake, your cake will stay moist and fresh and every bit as good as it was the first time around!

If you love food hacks like this, please !


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