Kris Carr Shares Her Favorite Foundation for a Healthy Juice

(Photo courtesy of Kris Carr)

Kris Carr is known for being a wellness activist and cancer survivor/warrior — and now the New York Times best-selling author is taking on juicing in her new book Crazy Sexy Juice, packed full of recipes for her favorite skin-clearing, immune-boosting concoctions. 

Thanks to her holistic health routine, of which juicing tops the list, Kris has been thriving after her cancer diagnosis for over 10 years. She calls nature her church and the garden and kitchen her pharmacies; her latest book is a testament to both philosophies. Yahoo Health caught up with Carr about her nutrient-dense, plant-passionate diet. Read on for more about her juicing philosophy.

Clear skin, strong immunity, hydration, increased energy, and a blast of phytochemicals (the cancer-fighters) and joy. I could go on…

Cucumber, apple, celery, kale or romaine, lemon!

I’m sure if there is a best recipe, it’s more like “be willing to be adventurous and if you make a crappy juice, don’t give up.” Keep playing. Try not to overdo it with veggies that are too strong or bitter. When in doubt, a little apple or lemon will fix just about anything! That said, I’ve included some recipes below; give them a try and feel free to adjust according to your own taste buds.

Get a jump-start the night before. Choose what you’re going to make, wash your fruits and veggies, cut them up, and store them in bags in the fridge. This way you’re ready to go in the morning. Also, if time is your main concern, choose smoothies — they’re definitely faster to make.

I love them as a supplemental boost, but not as a replacement. Green powders are also great for travel.

I’m often asked whether it’s OK to skip all of this juicing business and purchase one of those handy store-bought juice blends. My answer? Meh … Many of the store-bought juices have unnaturally long shelf lives, typically achieved through pasteurization. Though pasteurization kills bacteria, it also wipes out some of the micronutrients and enzymes. Plus, store-bought juices simply don’t taste as yummy and fresh as homemade. More important, they’re usually chock-full of added sugar. One of the biggest advantages of juicing at home is that you, sweet friend, get to control the quality, freshness, and sweetness of your juicy cocktails.

Look, I’m all about what’s realistic for your lifestyle. Sure, it’s best to drink it right away but it’s OK to drink it later, too. More than 24 hours may be tough, as it will start to go off, depending on what kind of juicer you use. But I’ll be honest: I make a huge batch in the morning and store my second glass in a mason jar for later in the afternoon. When everyone else is having a coffee or cig break, I’m having more juice. There’s no way that’s bad for me, even if it has lost a little oomph. Do what you can. There are no rules.

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