The Empowering Message Justin Timberlake’s Speech Sends to Men Everywhere

(Getty Images)

Musician, actor and new father Justin Timberlake received a major honor in Memphis this weekend — a permanent place in the Music Hall of Fame. 

After a long, emotional speech shouting out his musical heroes and thanking the city of Memphis for the award, Timberlake took a teary turn to thank his wife, Jessica Biel.

“First of all, I would like to thank my beautiful, loving and incredibly-understanding-of-her-husband’s-shortcomings-wife, Jessica.”

Biel has recently been busy working on her amazing new initiative with WomanCare Global to empower women and girls by talking about women’s health issues around the world.

Timberlake went on, his voice filled with emotion, “Seriously, she is a rock…” and paused to wipe his teary eyes. “Baby I love you more than I can put into words and more than any song I could ever write.”

Men, we hate that we have to say this in 2015, but it’s okay to thank your partner for making your life better, and it’s okay to cry a little while you do so.

See the touching video below:

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