Halloween Hack: Create Fake Blood With Dish Soap

Here’s how to put a spin on a ho-hum Halloween costume: add some gore to it.

 In this case, I’m dressing up as a perky, cocktail-guzzling housewife. But instead of residing in Jersey with Caroline Manzo or chilling with Lisa Vanderpump in Beverly Hills, I would take up residence in Hell – with Satan. 

This costume is simple to re-create. Mix a cut of old lipstick (not your most prized one!) with black eyeliner so it’s a deep shade of burgundy. (Or, use a dark shade of red.) Then mix it with a little bit of dish soap to give it the consistency of blood. From here, take an old toothbrush or makeup brush, dip it into the “blood,” and splatter it all over the side of your face and neck. Just be sure to do this before you put on your dress! 

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