6 Apple Cider Cocktails That Take Autumn to the Next Level

Hear that? It’s the sound of cider jugs hitting shelves with a jolly thump.

Your next move? Pour that tawny spiced elixir into every cocktail that comes your way from now until springtime.

The name’s a dead giveaway. What’s not to like about a frosty vodka cocktail fortified with apple cider, allspice dram and baked apple bitters? Come hither, you apple fiends.

Tune in for this delightful romp in which mezcal takes apple cider for a drive and picks up a motley crew of hitchhikers. St-Germain, apple soda and Chinese five-spice powder, specifically. The result? A thrilling autumn road trip in your glass.

Leave the fragile glass punch bowl in its bubble wrap. This piquant punch requires a sturdier vessel, like a hollow pumpkin. Fill that gourd with a burly duo of bourbon and ancho chile liqueur, mellowed with a bit of honey syrup and a sparkling cider topper.

Forge the path toward fall with this golden torch in hand. The firestarters? Crisp, cold vodka, maple syrup and sparkling apple cider, with added spark from a cinnamon-sugar rim.

What’s that, Hot Buttered Rum? Couldn’t hear you over the sound of your evil twin knocking it out of the park. To be fair, he’s working with some high-quality henchmen, as in Sherry-infused butter and hot mulled cider. After all, the only thing better than butter is sherry butter and there’s no refusing a cider that’s just got its mull on. Better luck next year, HBR.

Cozy as a fine winter’s onesie, this cocktail radiates warmth with its base of cognac. Its hard-working backup singers? Homemade apple cider syrup, allspice dram and orange juice keep this fall-forward hit humming in perfect pitch.

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